18 Wedding Photography Ideas With Smoke Bombs

Wedding photos are extra unique and creative these days. They're less traditional and more hip and artsy. We especially adore these wonderful photographs that capture smoke bomb effects in the shots. The smoke really does enhance them.

Each smoke bomb can come in various colors, from bright and bold to soft neutral white. This is a remarkable way to add some whimsical touches to your wedding photos. You'll look back on this day and still be excited with these images. We love the pops of color in each shot. Use a pastel tone for a romantic effect or a bold hue that works well with the environment. 

Which color would you choose? 

Lavender Field Smoke Bomb Details
Lavender Field Smoke Bomb

Photo: Rivkah Photography // Event Planning: Trend Decor

Teal Smoke Bomb Wedding Photo
Smoke in the Woods with Boho Couple

Photo: Alice Mahran // Lane

Ombre Pink Smoke Bomb
Orange Smoke Bomb Wedding Couple
Orange Smoke Bomb Wedding Couple with Horse
Pink Smoke Bomb in the Woods
White Smoke Bomb Wedding Couple
White Smoke Bomb Wedding Couple
Desert Wedding with Smoke Bomb
Bride with Pastel Smoke Bomb
Boho Wedding Couple with Pink and Blue Smoke Bomb
Boho Wedding Couple with Pink and Blue Smoke Bomb Details
Two Bridesmaids in Pink Smoke

Photo:  W&E Photographie 

Wedding Couple with White Smoke Bomb
Pastel Pink Smoke with Wedding Arch
Orange Smoke Bomb with Boho Couple
Bridal Portrait in White Smoke
Pink and Purple Smoke Bomb Couple
Forest Wedding Green Smoke Bomb

Photo: Rachel Barkman // Event Design: Kailey Michelle Events

Pink Smoke Bomb with Wedding Couple