14 Geode Wedding Cake Masterpieces

When we discovered geode wedding cakes, we were drawn to them instantly! It makes sense because they are beautiful and have 3-D sparkling crystals and fondant and we love sparkle! These lovely cakes are designed to WOW your guests!

With all of the detail that goes into creating one of these geode wedding cakes, they really could be considered art pieces on their own. They have intricate and delicate crystals that are handmade and placed perfectly on the cakes to make them look like geological wonders! How do these cake designers expect us to eat them? Each geode wedding cake is special and unique. Which one do you love?

Teal and Gold Geode Wedding Cake
Grey and White Wedding Cake with Geode
Gold and Pink Geode Wedding Cake
Thee Tier Wedding Cake with Single Blue Geode
Crystal Geode Wedding Cake
Purple Geode with Gold Wedding Cake
Turquoise Geode Wedding Cake
Gold, Pink and White Wedding Cake

Photo: Le Dolci

Navy Geode on White Wedding Cake
Geode Wedding Cake with Navy Geode Topper
Purple Geode with Gold Wedding Cake
Marble Style Modern Wedding Cake with Green Geode
Blue and Silver Geode Wedding Cake

Photo: Wisk Cakes

Marble Wedding Cake with Green and Gold Geode