Pastel Lavender & Pink Finds

With spring in full bloom we wanted to showcase some pretty pastel pink and lavender items that we have been swooning over here at The Bohemian Wedding. Are you searching for the perfect bridesmaid dress? Or are you in need of a new handbag or pair of heels that match your wedding dress? We have some stunning ideas that are all in the hues of pink and lavender to complete any wedding look.

Perhaps you're looking for ways to incorporate pink or lavender without being overly girly? We recommend adding some metallic details like gold or silver or our favorite...rose gold! The metal adds a more modern touch to any soft pastel tone. Try it out and tell us what your favorite item is!

Pink and Gold Engagement Ring
Sparkling Wedding Shoes
Ombre Pink Wedding Dress
Pink And Gold Earings
Pink Toned Boho Wedding Dress
Pastel Pink Ruffled Dress
Gold and Lavender Mason Jars
Lavender Sapphire Engagement Ring
Lilac Dress
Rose Flutes
Lavender Lemonade
Pastel Pink Bridesmaid Dress
Gold Lavender Dangles
Sparkle Clutch
Pastel Pink Dress
Rose Gold Bloom Earings
Lavender Dress
Pink Maragrita
Pale Pink Versace Purse
Jenny Yoo Purple Dress
Lavender Pastel Dress
Lavender Crystal Necklace
Sparkle Ombre Shoes
Lavender Tassles
Pink Stationary

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