12 Beautiful Soft Colored Wedding Bouquets

Are you a fan of soft color wedding flowers? These soft-hued flowers pair well with and wedding style, as they add a hint of color! These wedding bouquets match every color palette and wedding dress too! We adore these softly hued flower bouquets.

The textures and subtle hues of each flower in these bouquets look fresh and lovely. Alternatively, we do enjoy vivid color flowers too, however, sometimes color can overpower your wedding look. We've included a pretty selection of neutral and colored flowers that blend and look balanced. They all look incredibly beautiful!

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1. Coral

Peach Wedding Flowers

Photo: Nick Tucker Photography // Flowers: The Flower Appreciation Society

2. Rustic Cream and Pink Roses

Pastel Floral Bouquet

Photo & Flowers: Janna Brown Design Co.

3. Botanical, White and Purple

Pastel Flower Wedding Bouquet

Photo: James Simmons Photography // Flowers: Botanical Hobart

4. Pink and Lavender 

Pink and Purple Roses

Photo: Prunella Flowers

5. Cream and Pink

Pastel Rose Wedding Bouquet

Photo: Hails & Shine // Flowers: Moss Industry Florist

6. Peachy

Peach Roses Wedding Bouquet

Photo & Florals: The Grounds Florals by Silva

7. Blue and Cream

Rustic Pastel Flower Bouquet

Photo: Fuller Photography 

8. Pink Love

Pink Flowers Wedding Bouquet

Photo & Flowers: Boutierre Girls

9. Peach and Lavender

Peach and Purple Floral Wedding Bouquet

Photo & Flowers: The Grounds Florals by Silva

10. Pink and Peach

Pastel Wedding Bouquet

Photo: Victoria Phipps Photography & Flowers: Wild Floral Design

11. Light Peach

Peach Pastel Wedding Bouquet

Photos & Flowers: Boutierre Girls

12. Cream and Lavender

Purple Floral Wedding Bouquet

Photo & Flowers: La Musa de las Flores