Top 10 Wedding Kisses

All of these photographs, capture love and the most romantic kisses! We're celebrating Valentines Day with a roundup of our favorite kisses caught on camera!

Wedding photographers always manage to capture the most intimate moments on your wedding day or during an engagement shoot! These romantic photos celebrate love and the sweet kisses shared between two love birds. Whether you want to elope together or throw a large wedding, an incredible photographer is a key to effortlessly catching these memories. 

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Bride and Groom Kiss - Details

Photo: India Earl

Groom and Bride Kiss.jpg
Bride and Groom Embrace
Grace Loves Lace Bride and Groom Kiss.jpg
Rock Climbing Groom and Bride Kiss
Bride and Groom Kiss on Cliff

Photo: India Earl

Bride and Groom Kiss Details
Boho Couple Kissing
Bride and Groom Kissing with Guests and Sparklers
Boho Couple Kiss

Photo: Jorge Macias Wedding Company

Have a Happy Valentines Day! Tell us which love story you're inspired by!?