Top 10 Holiday Wedding Cakes

We’ve rounded up our favorite cakes for the holiday season! Wedding cakes are so gorgeous this time of year with sparkle, flowers and fruit accents, we simply love them all! 

How precious is this donut wedding cake? We like that it combines two holiday treats into one! Can you say delicious?

Rich tones and textures are the key for the perfect holiday wedding cake. Why not try adding metallic accents? Or floral pieces with cascading jewel colors? 

One of these yummy cakes is sure to catch your eye! Let us know which you’d showcase on your wedding day!

Donut Wedding Cake

Photo: Summer Taylor Photography // Cake & Flowers: The Pear Blossom

Rustic Fruit and Pink Wedding Cake
Red and White Wedding Cake with Flowers
Red Wedding Cake

Photo & Cake: Kalabasa

White Wedding Cake with Greenery

Photo & Cake: Juniper Cakery

Cream and Pink Wedding Cake with Fruit

Photo & Cake: Kalabasa

White Wedding Cake with White Flowers

Photo & Cake: Juniper Cakery

White and Plum Wedding Cake

Photo: Gina Esposito // Cake: Pip n Bits

Birch Wedding Cake
White Wedding Cake with Red and Gold Flowers

Photo & Cake: Juniper Cakery

Do let us know which cake is your favorite! Please follow us on social media for more boho inspiration.