Barn Interior Wedding Venue Ideas

Barns can be such a spectacular wedding venue choice. They capture a unique rustic charm. We adore the exterior of every barn, however, let us show you some pretty interiors for a wedding. There's a lovely old patina on barns with chipped wood and light shining through the cracks, it can create some remarkable photo opportunities.

How about getting married outdoors and holding the reception inside the barn? We love the quirky personal details of each barn wedding venue interior. With chandeliers and a white washed touch, this barn venue is one of our favourite finds.

White Sparrow Barn Interior
The White Wedding Sparrow Barn Exterior
The White Wedding Sparrow Barn Exterior Front
Hammersky Barn Inside
Hammersky Barn Exterior
Hammersky Winery Barn
Two Staircases in Barn
Hardy Farms Chandelier
Hardy Farms Interior
Dos Pueblos Ranch
Dos Pueblos Ranch Interior
Dos Pueblos Ranch Interior
Tin Roof Barn
Tin Roof Barn Interior

Photo via Tin Roof Barn and Venue Report 

Let's Dance
Hyde Barn Interior
Barn Interior with Long Tables
Wedding Barn Interior
Florals and Tables in a Barn

Photos via Hi Miss Puff 

Barn Interior with Fabric
Whitehall Lane Wedding Venue
Whitehall Lane Wedding Venue Inside
Whitehall Lane Wedding Venue Night
Barn with Hanging Lights
Evermore Photo Gallery
Evermore Weddings
Couple Dancing

Photo via Gone Away Bluebird

Which style of barn would you like to get married in? Tell us which one is your favourite!