Top 20 Bridal Headpieces of 2016

Let's send off 2016 and welcome 2017 with some lovely hair inspiration for your wedding or even a New Year's Eve party! These 20 different bridal headpieces will add style to your boho attire and make you look ultra glamorous.

Headpieces can be worn with an updo or with your hair flowing down, the choice is all yours! We simply adore this dainty style from Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge, which can be dressed up or down. Our favorite part is feeling like an actual princess in these lovely headpieces. 

Ulyana Aster has won our hearts time and time again with her exquisite collection of headpieces. These golden floral crowns or gilded leaf headpiece will complete your bridal look. Are you thinking of having your bridesmaids wear a headpiece? They look fabulous in a group picture, so be sure to add some to your bridal party!

We like this image of a bride and her two bridesmaids all with similar headpiece floral crowns. Let us know which one you want to wear!

1. Metallic Floral 

Three Girls with Headpieces

2. Gilded Leaves

Three Bridesmaids Hairpieces Back View

Photo: Forever After Photography // Headpieces: Ulyana Aster

3. Dainty Head Chain 

Marne Headpiece

Photo & Hairpiece: Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge 

4. Assorted

Ulyana Aster Headpieces

5. Golden Flowers

Side Messy Updo with Gold Hairpiece

Photo & Headpieces: Ulyana Aster

6. Pearls & Leaves

Updo with Golden Hairpiece

Photo & Hairpiece: Ulyana Aster

7. Gold Leaf Accent

Hemingway Comb in Messy Updo

Photo: A&BÉ Bridal Shop // Hairpiece: Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge

8. Crystals

Untamed Pearls White Hairpiece

Photo: Mirelle Carmichael and Hairpiece: Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge // Hair & Makeup: Jess Wilcox

9. Halo

BHLD Headpiece

Photo & Headpiece: BHLDN

10. Crystal Burst

Crystal Headpiece and Messy Updo

Photo & Headpiece: Ulyana Aster

11. Stargazing

Star Headpiece with Updo

Photo: Hazelwood Photo // Hairpiece: The Diamond Sea Bridal

12. Minimal

Pastel Pink Updo with Geometric Headpiece

Photo: Cara Robbins Studio // Headpiece: On Foundations

13. Gold & Pearl

Updo with Flower Headpiece

Photo & Headpiece: Ulyana Aster

14. Pearl Halo

Long Hair with Braid and Headpiece

Photo: Michaela M Photography

15. Embellished Vine

Crystal Headpiece and Updo

Photo: Annette_updo_artist // Headpiece: Pink Pewter

16. Gold & Silver Flowers

Bride and Groom Headpiece

Photo: Danielle Poff Photography

17. Mini Crown

Headpiece Crown

Photo: Rachel Red Photography // Headpiece: Emma Katzka Bridal

18. Crystal Halo

Olive Headpiece

Photo: Mirelle Carmichael // Headpiece: Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge

19. Petite Flowers

Ada Headpiece with Hairdown

Photo: Mirelle Carmichael // Headpiece: Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge

20. Embellished Metallic Crystals

Heavenly Headpiece

Photo & Headpiece: Forever Soles

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