15 Lovely Hanging Flower Backdrop Ideas

Need a perfect idea for an easy but showstopping backdrop...hang some flowers! These hanging flower backdrops are so pretty and will make memorable moments for you and your guests. Just imagine the photos you and your guests will be able to take! 

They're various styles for hanging flowers as a backdrop too! Why not try something simple and minimalist by using just one color theme and style of flower to decorate? Or perhaps, try creating a backdrop with multiple bold color hues and flower types in a large installation or with ombre patterns?

If your a DIY type bride then this is a great project. You can add some fishing line and floral tape and make your own flower garland to hang as a backdrop with either real or paper flowers. IT will still look brilliant!

Which ever flower backdrop style you like the best, there's sure to be something that will compliment your wedding palette and decor style. Which backdrop would you like to use for your wedding?

Santorini Hanging Floral Garland Backdrop
Pink Ombre Hanging Flower Backdrop
Red Carnation Hanging Flower Backdrop

Photo: Cara Robbins Studio // Styling: Lace and Likes // Flowers: Siren Floral Co 

Carnation Backdrop Details

Photo: Cara Robbins Studio // Styling: Lace and Likes // Flowers: Siren Floral Co 

Pink & White Carnation Flower Backdrop Details
Hanging Yellow and White Flower Backdrop

Photo: Design Sponge // Floral Artist: Rebecca Louise Law

Floral Garland Hanging
White Flower Garland

Photo: Lia Griffith // Flowers: Papers-Papers

Romantic Hanging Flower Back Drop
Flower Garland Hanging Backdrop
Large Hanging Floral Garland Backdrop

Photo: Design Sponge // Floral Artist: Rebecca Louise Law

Pink Hanging Flower Installation Backdrop
Forest Hanging Flower Backdrop
Pink and Greenery Floral Hanging Garland
Tissue Flower Hanging Garland Backdrop
Pink and White Flower Garland Backdrop