20 Top Engagement Rings from Etsy

Etsy has a great selection of engagement rings and here are our top 20 picks for you! Enjoy looking at these alternatives to traditional and contemporary styles. We love all these very different choices. Why not try a stacking option? Or perhaps you want to find a minimalist subtle and elegant style? Or maybe you have been looking for a sparkly option that isn't a diamond? These are our top gorgeous ring choices for you from Etsy!

Etsy Pear Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave

Pear Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave Diamonds Crown via artemer

Diamond Engagement Ring - Triangle Diamond Ring - 14k Gold via artemer

White Sapphire and 14k White Gold via EidelPrecious

Etsy morganite bridal set cushion cut

Morganite Bridal set in Rose Gold via InOurStar

Emerald and 14K Rose Gold Engagement Ring via InOurStar

Moonstone and 14k Gold Twig engagement ring via Oore

Opal Halo White Gold Diamond Ring via capucinne

Rose Quartz Ring 14k Rose Gold via IOCollective

Herkimer Diamond Ring - Stone Quartz Crystal via lumafina

White Sapphire and Diamond Rose Gold Antique Ring via PenelliBelle

Transparent Raw Diamond on recycled gold band via Specimental

Rough Emerald 18k Gold via Specimental

Victorian Opal & Rose Cut Diamond Ring, Antique 10k Rose Gold via TheEdenCollective

Turquoise and 18k White Gold Ring via capucinne

Aquamarine and 14K White Gold Engagement Ring via Twoperidotbirds

Moonstone Ring, 14k Gold Rings via MorBenYehuda

14K Rose Gold Cushion Cut Morganite Ring Diamond Halo Ring via InOurStar

Diamond Wedding Ring Set, Three Rings Set, Mixed Metals Set via MinimalVS

Tanzanite and Diamond Ring set in 14kt White Gold via AleaMariCo

Floral Aquamarine Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold via LaMoreDesign

Photos via EtsyArtermer // EidelPrecious // InOurStar // Oore  // capucinne // IOCollective // lumafina // PenelliBelle  // Specimental // TheEdenCollective // capucinne // Twoperidotbirds // MorBenYehuda // InOurStar //MinimalVS // AleaMariCo // LaMoreDesign