10 Handmade Holiday Wedding Ideas


We just can’t help but admire these fantastic handmade items for your holiday wedding. Are you getting married this Christmas? Or maybe you are in the planning stages, and looking for festive Christmas inspiration for your wedding day. We’ve picked our favourite handmade items to use as decor for the holiday season or to give as gifts to those that you love.

Let us show you some great ideas, we have sequin runners and bunting to personalized gifts for your bridesmaids. We’ve chosen a selection of lovely handmade items for you.  Which one do you love? We want them all!


1. Wood Laser Cut Name Tags

Cute laser cut wooden letters on tables act as both a decorative accents for your guests to admire and a name tag.  

Photo via LHCalligraphy

Wood Laser Cut Bride & Groom Sign.jpg

Photo via gadegaarddesign


2. Handmade Calligraphy 

Pretty calligraphy accents make sweet and memorable gifts and decor ideas! We love the idea of printing festive signs for a wedding.

Painted Sandollars
Calligraphy Bridesmaid Card

Photo via LHCalligraphy

Merry & Bright Printable

Photo via PrintableWisdom 


3. Glitter Table Runners

Choose from a wide selection of glitter table runners to add a glam look to any table. They can be dressed up or down, however, they sure do add a holiday flair!

Gold Sequin Runner
Silver Sequin Runner
Champagne Sequin Runner
Ivory Sequin Table Runner

Photo via TwentyEight12


4. Sequin Bunting Accents

Beautiful sequin bunting in festive holiday colours that can be used in your holiday wedding as decor or a photo prop.

Red and Gold Sequin Bunting
Gold Sequin Bunting

Photos via TwentyEight12


5. Holiday Hair Accessories 

Add a holiday touch with this decorative accessory featuring golden berries and vine leaves. 

Christmas Hair Jewelry

Photo via gadegaarddesign


6. Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Want to ask your girlfriends this holiday season to be your bridesmaid? These genius christmas ornaments sure are cute!

Bridesmaid Proposal
Glass Terranium
Bridesmaid Proposal Christmas Ornament

Photo via JaQueenThings


7. Glitter Ring Bearer Pillow

Adorable pillows for the littlest member of you're wedding party. These are so precious!

Sequin Ring Bearer Pillow

Photo via TwentyEight12


8. Personalized Gifts

Check out these pretty little personalized gift ideas that would make anyone feel special!


Photo via BlackLabelDecor

Personalized Cutting Board

Photo via NatalyEngrave


9. Groomsmen Painted Flask

His groomsmen will appreciate this rugged handprinted mountain scene flask. It's the perfect gift for any groom looking for a gift for his friends. The perfect combo of rustic and functional cool. 

Groomsmen Painted Flask

Photo via LiquidCourage


10. Map Love Art

We like this custom map canvas, which features your love story for all to see! 

Map Love Art