16 Ways to Style a Winter Wedding

During this time of year, we would like to celebrate some beautiful winter wedding details that we have fallen in love with.  So tis the season for all of you winter brides! 

Special details are what make winter weddings so unique and desirable. With a dusting of fresh snow, everything can look like something in a picturesque postcard too. Winter weddings are all about warmth and cozy touches. We've rounded up our favourite touches to add to your own winter wedding! How about creating some romance by adorning the aisle with candles and lanterns or having a hot chocolate bar for guests to make their own cup of sweet hot chocolate? Why not listen to the sound of bells as you walk down the aisle? We just love the idea of using Christmas ornaments in your winter wedding decor too. 

With so many winter style options, here are a few of our favourites to help get you ready for the holiday season! 

1. Wedding Aisle Runner

Next to a snowy backdrop these carpet aisle runners are stunning. They add a pretty boho style with a real "Wow" factor. 

Winter Aisle Runner

2. Glamorous Table Setting  

Design a glamorous table setting with rich colours and metallic touches and a few candles. The combo will be both luxurious and festive. 

Table Setting

3. Candle Bottles

Add some gold paint and wine bottles and you can create some elegant candle holders. They will be a pretty display for your guests to admire that is super romantic. 

Candles Holders

4. Winter Floral Crowns

Why not try a floral crown with seasonal appropriate flowers for winter. Try adding herbs like sage or oregano and winter berries for a sweet touch. 

Winter Wedding Floral Crown

5. Warm Blankets

Who says winter has to be cold? Your guests will be thankful that they have these warm blankets to cuddle up in. 

Warm Blanket

6. Wedding Flowers

Want a winter floral arrangement that's a showstopper? Why not try a wedding bouquet with pastel greenery, bright reds and purples and a few cute succulents for detail!

Winter Wedding Flowers

7. Wreath Touches

Nothing says winter more than some festive wreaths!  They can be a great affordable option to add some greenery and be styled to suit your wedding colour palette. 

Winter Wreath

8. Hot Chocolate Bar

Here’s a festive holiday take on a desert bar! Why not let guests warm up and choose their own hot chocolate flavours and toppings. 

Hot Chocolate Bar

9. Lantern Decor

Add a bit of candlelight with lanterns placed around the aisle for a flattering glow. This is a nice idea for those getting married indoors or outdoors!

Winter Wedding Lanterns

10. Christmas Ornaments Seating Cards

Christmas ornaments can add a festive sparkling flair to your wedding. Let guest take one with them home as a favour or use them as a seating chart. 

Christmas Decorations

Photo via Weddingomania


11. Pine Cone Fire-starter Favours

Want a wedding favour tha is both useful and decorative for the winter season? These sweet fire-starters are dipped in wax and make a great gift for guest on cold winter nights.

Pinecone Firestarters

Photo via Evermine


12. Winter Style Cakes

For a natural and simple winter touch, add festive elements from nature to your cake like pine cones, berries or twigs. 

Wedding Cake

13. Sound of Bells

Let your guest have a bit of fun as you walk down the aisle to the sound of bells instead of throwing rice!

Jingle Bells Winter Wedding

14. Winter Props

It's important to be warm and stylish with gloves and boots but why not add a few rustic winter props too? Sleds or skis can be great for photos and give guests the chance to take some unique photos too. 

Winter Props

15. Tis the Season Signs

Have an adorable quote dedicated to the holiday season. This is sweet. We just love it!

Tis the season sign

Photo via Marrygrams


16. Bright & Bold Centrepieces 

These holiday floral centerpieces really add a pop of colour to any table. Choose a colour to suit your winter wedding palette and add some festive touches.

Center Pieces

Which winter touches are you going to add to your wedding? We would love to hear!